Think about that triumphant smile on Cullen’s face, think about the way he squints his eyes in amusement, think about that lighthearted conversation you can have on a sunny day. And think about the lyrium dementia awaiting this charming guy ahead.

Thanks Gala. Next time, just come over here and rip my heart out while it’s still beating. It’ll be easier. LOL

The sun is setting, and Cullen is trying to catch the last rays of it, before the darkness devours his mind.


Bioware video and spoilers tags…


Even with Tumblr savior, I can’t keep being spoiled.

With the huge amount of info lately, I try to put spoilers tags when reblogging gifs or pics of the newest videos. Please do the same, there are people who do not wish to watch every videos Bioware shows us.

There are a lot of scenes in them ppl may want to discover in November, not before. We choose to watch these videos or not, I don’t want to be forced to look at them through many gifs invading my dashboard. I don’t want to put everything Dragon Age and Cullen in my exclusion list but I’ll have to I suppose :(. Or do I have to unfollow for a time ?

Sorry for the post, I love you all, but damn… I have the impression I’ll get to know everything about the game before playing it.

/Angry Panda.><


I apologise if I forgot to tag something as a spoiler in all that excitement. I usually use “spoiler”, “spoilers”, “DAI spoilers” and “Cullen spoilers” tags. Feel free to add them to your list, and PLEASE DON’T UNFOLLOW ME MELLO HOW WILL I LIVE WITH OUT YOU??? I promise I won’t discuss spoilers with you.



I should be getting back to my duties, unless you’d like to play a game?

Commander Cullen, being a lusty lust luster, son of a bitch, what is happening?.

Can’t say anymore… Brain broke…

Like The Hero of Ferelden would say, “INTO MY TENT, MAN! NOW!!!”



Dragon Age: Inquisition - Skyhold Gameplay

"Don’t get smart. There’ll be no living with you."

Cullen being a smartass is the best thing ever. And I also really like how cool they are with Dorian. I was afraid it would be Fenris vs. Anders again.

Today I learnt that…

  • Cullen is sassy.
  • Cullen plays chess (now remember all those chess boards in Fereldan Circle!)
  • Cullen has a family, and we can ask about it
  • Cullen doesn’t hate mages
  • No matter what Cullen does - you want to jump out of your closes and into his bed
  • My Inquisitor is going to marry Cullen even if it takes for her to become the Divine herself and rewrite all the Chantry laws.